CIPR Diploma – Why it matters to me

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote about my CIPR diploma, after completing my CRT and sending it in to CMC, I will admit that I haven’t really done as much pre-reading as I feel I should have.

I bet I’m not alone on this, but a couple of weeks ago as the CIPR exam board were no doubt discussing the papers an avalanche of emails were exchanged amongst our tutor group whilst we tried to clarify when to expect the result.

Then on Wednesday afternoon it arrived in my work inbox

 Subject:        Confirmation of Diploma CRT Result

I sank into my seat and clicked the subject line in anticipation, and after a few seconds I realised I had passed. In fact I was very pleased to get an overall merit.

So why when you work in the daily pressure cooker of public relations does this matter so much. The reason is that as PR people we really care about what we do, and doing the CIPR Diploma not only exposes yourself to a fantastic opportunity to learn and consolidate skills and knowledge but to test yourself in ways you haven’t possibly done for a long time or ever in my case.

After allowing minute to be pleased with myself it’s back to work, dealing with everything from freedom of information requests about charging decisions, cars behind bars, an online chat between a police officer who works to prevent radicalisation and the community, ending my week at Facebook’s London HQ. (I will explain why I was there another time)

But for those who choose to do the CIPR diploma Friday evening isn’t the end of the week.

I’m sure most people studying the diploma spend at least some time scrutinising the feedback sheets on their assignments, but for many that’s still not the end of the week.

The alarm sounds at 6.45am on Saturday morning and I leave for my CIPR study day in Nottingham. Oh the glamour of PR ! and less than a week after learning I’ve got through the Critical Reasoning Test, the planning assignment is published.

So for the next month during the day it’s police everywhere and during evenings and weekends – ‘Art Everywhere’.

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