Hate seeing myself on TV!

When you work in public relations from time to time you find yourself speaking to camera men, reporters and documentary makers on a fairly regular basis.

Thankfully we are usually behind the camera, supporting and encouraging to the person we have arranged or “pushed” in front of the microphone.

This week however I was spotted on BBC1 as part of the Street Patrol UK programme. Several months ago one of the local policing commanders appeared in the communications office with a film crew in tow. (Role Reversal)

The crew wanted to know about how members of our communications team had worked to support the local policing team in gathering evidence and the publics viewpoint for a High Court injunction to tackle nuisance drivers.

And I was being interviewed to speak about how our Facebook page had been used to conduct a survey about the issue. There was a great deal more to the work then just a simple post on Facebook and it certainly involved some very creative members of the wider team that the interview reflected.

Months later – I’m on the telly – and I do hate seeing myself on the screen.

What is pleasing is that the programme highlights the way we used social media (Facebook) to give the community a voice in court and tell them know the result of our action.

Well I’m on the iPlayer for the next few days anyway.

Myself and the commander did a quick on-line chat with those watching the programme – another first for use.

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