Facebook ‘Success Story’

On Monday (25 November 2013), I  was involved in launching something I and my colleagues are very proud of. Facebook published a case study of the work of my force, Staffordshire Police, to highlight to other agencies and governmental organisations what they see as our ‘Facebook Success Story’.   Facebook – Case study Staffordshire Police


Many months ago during a meeting with Elizabeth Linder, Facebook’s Politics & Government Specialist for Europe, Middle East & Africa, we discussed the possibility of publishing her department’s first case study. This week, it was published and to help promote this, Elizabeth and her team travelled from London to Staffordshire Police HQ to formally present the case study to us as part of a UK Police Facebook workshop.

Elizabeth travels around her own beat (Europe, Middle East & Africa) talking to leaders of governments and agencies about how they use Facebook to connect with their communities, highlighting examples of best practice. The Staffordshire Police page is often included in presentations given to audiences ranging from EUCOM (United States European Military Command) to parliament in Vienna.

During the event with colleagues from across the UK police service we discussed the impact and opportunities that social media, and in this case Facebook, has provided over the past few years. We also discussed the challenge of achieving real engagement for the service using the platform and shared knowledge, experience and ideas to help all the forces better serve their communities.

Elizabeth and Facebook have packed a great deal of information into this relatively small case study, and I am pleased to share this with colleagues via this page and I hope others find it useful.

I see our Facebook page as a partnership with the communities. It provides a way to engage with the people we proudly serve, we listen to their views, respond (when we can) to their concerns and provide a credible trusted voice. Our commitment to our fans is that every comment made on our pages is read, because of the nature of our work we can’t always respond as some would like, but I hope anbelieve that our communities know we are listening.

Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been quite a while since my last blog, but in my defence, it’s been very busy in my little world, and over the next few weeks I will share some of the findings from some really interesting research about what fans of police Facebook pages think about the pages.

For more information about the case study visit here which includes quotes from the Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police and Elizabeth Linder from Facebook

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