Three Times New

New Year – New Challenge – New Web Site

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog and I do apologise for that, like most of us I started this blog will the best intentions. A lot has happened in the last year in terms of the way we engage digitally using different social networks and certainly a challenging year at work to continue to deliver the services we need for our communities.

One of the biggest highlights for me during 2015 was to being invited to work with 81d945854c2738ad7cf28d3685093ab1_400x400EURPOL, in particular their European Cybercrime Centre, to help develop a handbook for police across Europe aimed to help the service engage with communities using social media.

This meant an exciting trip to The Hague in Holland, (first time I have had to fly as part of my work) to meet with others from across European policing to discuss the best practice and the current state of social media engagement across all services.

I will talk about this more another time but what I want to focus on is a new project I have started this month.

Like many organisations it is sometimes difficult to get sufficient resources to focus on improving services until it becomes absolutely. In this case I’m talking about our website, sadly we haven’t really had the time, skill or technology to support what we wanted to achieve via our website for a number of years, and it’s fair to say it’s not good.

Last week I was able to dedicate the majority of my time to looking at how we can use our website to help us engage better with our community and of course internally with our colleagues across the organisation. We’ve already gone through the procurement of a new content management system, so my first priority is really to ensure the website we have is up-to-date for the public (compare to the current situation) and to build the foundation for something hopefully very different.


Of course there is a lot to do and no time to do it, and I certainly could of done with spending a little bit more time before now planning how we will deliver the new website. One thing we will not do is copy hundreds of pages from our existing websites to a new one.

Our old site is full of information but not enough of it is relevant and certainly isn’t accessible. It was also designed when the majority of people accessed websites from a desktop computer. We all know now how we have to focus on the mobile audience, and the audience just doesn’t want information it wants to engage and interact with our services.

Certainly a long-term aim is to provide a platform that does this and a lot more. Getting the basics right for the website might seem simple but we have to remember that we am building the foundations at this point. It’s a lot harder to change the foundations once the house is standing on top of it.

So the next few weeks will be full of challenges wrestling with quite tactical issues that will mean that we are in a good place to move forward and provide a far better online experience than we currently are able to.

I will let you know have a project goes on the project team tackle some of these challenges.

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