Sprints not marathon to a grand design

The work in preparing the foundations for the new web site has continued a pace over the past week. The difference with this project compared to previous programmes across our force is that’s it an agile project.  

“Agile management or agile project management is an iterative and incremental method of managing the design and build activities for engineering, information technology, and new product or service development projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner, for example agile software development.”  Link

So the first challenge is managing expectations – starting with mine. I know what we need, I want it to be more than that, I understand what is possible and I want it all now. 

  It is clear we urgently need to get the replacement site built and in use by our communities as quickly as possible but as I explained last time we have to get to foundations right if we can offer the services that can benefit our communities and colleagues.

So in the last few days the team has been working out what has to be in the first sprint. Difficult decisions have been made, some about how it will look and some about what it will do. But that doesn’t mean that we have made any compromise on the overall outcome.

  Working agile means setting ‘achievable goals within the strict timescale’ not ‘achieving goals eventually’. This first ‘technical’ sprint is to develop the starting position. If this was grand designs (are team is currently a Kevin free zone) we have cleared the ground, gained outline planning permission and we taking to the architect about the shape of our own grand design.

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