Web focus delivering outcomes

For the past few months, I have been focused on the development and implementation of the new Staffordshire Police website. It’s been difficult at times maintaining my focus away from the day-to-day demands of a busy force communications team but vital to ensure we delivered a project that should have started a long time ago.

The development and implementation of a new website was an ideal opportunity to examine the engagement and communication needs of our communities. This week I presented the progress so far to the force Chief Officer Meeting (COM) and I wanted to share some of the progress we have made.

Firstly the principles that underpin the site:website-presentation-for-comm-sept-final-002

So that’s one slide that tries to explain the strategic approach, there is a lot more detail behind this but nothing you shouldn’t expect to be covered.

So great -how do we demonstrate that we are doing this? First the simple outputs:

Website Presentation for Comm Sept FINAL.004.jpeg

Ok – people are using it and they are on a mobile (unless they work for us) How are they finding us?


So the social media users LOVE new updates – helps prove the experience I have previously blogged about what followers of police social media are interested in.

Also the most common search or content accessed after news, is the recruitment section, so despite what some people think, lots of people still want to work in policing and over 5,000 people have already attempted the police officer self assessment tool in just 5 weeks.

But are you serving the people of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent?


A few assumptions in the stats here but reasonable argument that does demonstrate local people are accessing the site. It also supports the data around the location of our social media audience.

So what more – how do I show the users are being provided a service?

Website Presentation for Comm Sept FINAL.012.jpeg

All of this demand was previously emails going to different departments. We have removed email addresses from the website as what I call the ‘Smart’ forms ensure the users and the colleagues trying to provide the service get a better and more efficient and effective experience.

So what do the public think?


There is a lot more I could and should say and we have a lot more to do but this gives you an idea of what my fantastic (SMALL) team have been doing for the last few months.

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