Digital Policing Portfolio LOGOIt’s been a while since I wrote here, mainly because I have been busy learning about my new role in the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) Digital Policing Portfolio (DPP) and from this first line you can see I haven’t learnt many new acronyms.

WE need youI’ve been on the project for around three months now and the team is expanding meaning we need you!

There are lots of opportunities to make a real difference to the future of policing. We will be delivering a new digital service, offering the public what they really want from a police service in the digital world.

The roles are flexible, you don’t have to work from London everyday and we are really looking for people to join the team from across policing in England and Wales.

I’ve listed some of the opportunities below, we are moving quickly so get moving. If you want to know more please get in touch.

Business Engagement OfficerCLICK HERE – particularly suitable if you live 150 miles or more north of London.

National Business Capability LeadCLICK HERE – Help us develop Digital Investigation and Intelligence skills and capability.

Digital Public Contact Strategic Support OfficerCLICK HERE – DPC is already delivering the future – get involved.

Digital Public Contact POLICE.UK Transition Project LeadCLICK HERE – is moving into the DPC Single Online Home, help set and deliver the new services our communities need.

Please message me if you want to know more. Join us now!

Written by bailey9799

Communications Manager at Staffordshire Police

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