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If you can explain the differences and similarities between public contact and public engagement and if you relish a challenge, then NPCC Digital Policing Portfolio has a real opportunity for you!

pexels-photo-607812.jpegThe NPCC Digital Policing Portfolio are offering an exciting secondment opportunity for a police professional ideally with a contact management background and/or social media experience to drive the operational delivery of the Social Media work stream, within the Digital Public Contact Programme.

The Social Media work stream objectives are;

  • to provide a national framework through which policing is enabled to use Social Media as a contact channel in a consistent way.
  • to provide a model for local social media use that has sufficiently flexible options to meet local needs whilst being consistent with the Single Online Home.
  • To deliver relevant, current and responsive digital services that allow policing to engage with children and young people in a consistent, effective and Your country needs youefficient manner nationally.

It’s a fast moving project, working in a ever changing landscape, but provides a fantastic opportunity to be part of a team delivering real and visible improvements to the ways the public contact the police.

The role is reporting to myself so if you are interested then please message me to discuss or click here to read more and apply.

Closing date for applications for this post is 5pm on Friday 23rd February 2018.

Written by bailey9799

Communications Manager at Staffordshire Police

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