What are you working on then?

It’s six month’s since I started my new adventure with the NPCC Digital Policing Portfolio. DPP logo.jpgAt first I was a member of the Business Engagement Team working across all three programmes within the portfolio. Over the last couple of months in particular my priority has been helping forces across England and Wales understand how Single Online Home can support them in providing real channel choice and change for police digital services.

I’m now beginning to focus on my new role as Social Media Project Lead within the Digital Public Contact programme.

The project focuses on three core themes:

  • providing a consistent and scalable approach in enabling the use of social media as a contact or reporting channel
  • enabling communities to engage with local policing digitally
  • ensuring that we provide content and channels that address the needs of young people.

As national project lead one of the first tasks was to develop the project vision. After much consultation with colleagues both inside policing and in the digital industry we agreed is:


Working with my new colleagues we have already developed a plan for the work (there is a lot to do) and I have been recruiting the team we need to deliver the work. There is already a great deal of analysis and information available to help form the strategy and we are beginning to work through this now.

HMICFRS Logo.jpgOne of the elements of the social media project is looking at supporting forces and colleagues who use social media to engage with the public. The recent HMICFRS Effectiveness Report highlighted the great working forces are doing in engaging with communities digitally. However the HMICFRS analysis of police Twitter and Facebook activity found that:

  • in some forces approaches are not coordinated enough;
  • there can be an undue emphasis on broadcasting messages rather than responding to concerns; and
  • the topics the police tweet about are too often different from the public’s concerns on community safety.

We are working closely with DCC Gavin Stephens from Surrey Police, the NPCC lead for engagement to address these issues and support forces as the police use of social media matures and the public’s expectation of the police continues to develop.

We will provide more details as the project develops and I will update you on the work around the Children and Young People element and Social Media as a contact channel shortly. If you want to get involved please get in touch with me via

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