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Children and young people live their lives in a digital space. Those under 18, have grown up in a world of instant and constant connection to information and services focused on their specific needs and wants. Social media is a key space for them.

Policing’s interaction with children and young people is rarely relevant to them or created with or by them. While there are police forces that are doing some really great work here, it’s not consistent for all. There’s also a growing need for a more collective and sustainable approach, backed by the evidence.

NPCC-logoThe National Police Chiefs’ Council Digital Public Contact programme has kicked off work to understand how policing uses social media to ensure best practice and shared learning amongst forces. We are looking at current social media practice and how children and young people use this space. From this the project is developing a national DPC-LOGO
framework for social media engagement with and for policing, as a whole, to support this work with the right skills, behaviours and methods.

hiring-2575036_1280To support this, we are recruiting for a team of people skilled in social media who will work to: curate content, develop channels, and help ensure policing can benefit from new tools in this rapidly changing environment, importantly keeping up with the changing needs and approaches required in this rapidly changing environment.

Importantly, the team will also have expertise in evaluating the outcomes, helping to understand what works well, and what doesn’t and why. This will help policing to build a flexible, scalable model for how social media is used for engaging with children and young people. Ultimately, their work will support our overall aim of building stronger communities through better engagement.


smartphone-2123520_1920The team’s three roles are advertised on the Sussex Police website and we’re looking for a team leader to manage two roles covering the production of social media content, and developing and growing the use of social media on different channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more. We need people with the right skills and experience in social media and digital, and candidates don’t have to be from a policing background.

If you have any questions, are interested in applying or know someone you think would be great for the role, please get in touch via the contact form below: 

See the detailed role profile and apply online below:

Content Production Officer

Digital Engagement Officer

Team Leader & Evaluation

NOTE: The team will work initially in the south of the UK, based around the Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex areas to work with both policing and young people. You will create digital content about the issues that matter to young people, involving young people in the creation, and then supporting police officers in engaging with young people in the digital spaces they use.

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