Do you have a passion for police digital engagement? Yes? then join our team

cropped-social-media-blue-back.jpgWe live in a digital world, and policing must be able to effectively engage with members of our communities in the digital communities they use. The expectations of the public are constantly changing and growing.

Whilst the police use of social media has continued to evolve, we are now working to deliver a social media enabled police service that has the skills and tools to effectively engage with our communities on the most appropriate digital platform to suit their needs.

We need someone who understands the difference between effective engagement and shouting at the wall.

If you understand that numbers aren’t insight and that outcomes are harder to measure than outputs but are immeasurably more important, then, joining the Social Media Project team may give you the opportunity to, not only influence the future of community engagement within policing on a national level but also develop your own skills and experience.

You will be part of a truly exceptional programme – The Digital Public Contact programme is truly starting to transform the way people access policing with unrivalled momentum to change policing across the UK.

The Social Media Project team is a small but highly effective team and we are just about to start a pilot with some exceptional people focused on improving our engagement with children and young people.

Check out the role profile here – or visit the Sussex Police Website here for more details. Sussex Police host the IT and HR support for the NPCC Digital Policing Portfolio. This is a national role.

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