Police Strategy Forum – June 2016

I have been invited to speak at the Police Strategy Forum this year about my experience of social media engagement, particularly on Facebook. I have the slides here, but it’s really interesting to see how often social media has been referenced in the presentations this year. Whilst there […]

Continuous professional development

As managers we always talk about continuous professional development of ourselves, teams and colleagues, but how do we turn these words into action or for comms professionals ‘outcomes’. Yesterday I received the notification that I had for the third year since starting my achieved ‘Accredited PR Practitioner’ status […]

Sprints not marathon to a grand design

The work in preparing the foundations for the new web site has continued a pace over the past week. The difference with this project compared to previous programmes across our force is that’s it an agile project.   “Agile management or agile project management is an iterative and […]